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Rat Removal & Trapping

American Rat Control has many options for removing and trapping rats in your home or business. Depending upon the situation and your needs, we will design a rat trapping program that will quickly and efficiently trap and remove rats.

The quickest method of rat removal is to use good old snap traps. We will bait the traps with proper food bait to attract the rats and mice. Depending on the rats or rodents we will use beef jerky, peanuts or dried fruit.

In most cases, we will set rat traps in the attic and or sub-area of your home or business. The number of traps we set will be determined on the severity of your rat infestation. Our rat control technicians are well-trained and have the knowledge to determine the approximate number of rats within a structure, so they will place the appropriate number of rat traps to get the job done.

Follow up to get the Rats Removed

Once the traps are set, we will need to schedule a time to return and remove the rats for your property. Our office will continue to schedule rat trap checks until all of the rats are removed. This process typically takes about three (3) appointments, then we are done. (When the structure has been rat proofed).

If you are just hiring us to trap the rats and not rat proof the property, we will service the traps up to 5 visits in 30 days. In most cases this is all that is required to trap existing rats in the structure. However, if the structure has not been rat proofed, new rats may enter at later dates, so we highly recommend having your home or business structure rat proofed before we start a rat removal and trapping program.

We do offer live trapping of rodents and removal, however, rodents trapped and removed do have to be destroyed instead of released into the environment. This is due to the rodents become dependent on humans to survive, because they are now used to humans for food, water and shelter. If the rodents are trapped and released they will go to another structure and the cycle will continue.

Our Rat Removal Service Areas

American Rat Control offers rat control services throughout Los Angeles, Ventura County and Southern California. We Love Rat Extermination, and are a Professional Rat Control Exterminator and Experts in Rat Control and Removal.

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